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Drinks are a staple of almost every social and cultural occasion. Whether you are drinking soda or wine or beer or champagne, there is a drink for every occasion. For many, the key to enjoying a drink is finding the right flavor combination.

Most recipes call for sugar and water, but many recipes add ingredients like fruit juice or chocolate milk. These variations make it easy to find what you like!

Many drinks contain caffeine, so it is good to know what kind of drinks you can enjoy without worry. Caffeine is a widely-known stress-allevator, so most people enjoy its effects.

The best way to learn how to mix drinks is by trial and error.

Hot chocolate

healthy drinks

There are several ways to make hot chocolate. You can use either milk or milk and sugar or just sugar. You can also substitute the milk with ice cream or vanilla ice cream. These things are up to you!

The most common way to make hot chocolate is by using aniseed, cinnamon, cocoa powder, coffee powder, and/or chocolate chips.

We suggest using dark chocolate chips in your drink as they contain more fat and less caffeine than the usual white ones. Dark chocolate contains about 30 percent fat instead of the usual 20 percent of cocoa powder.

An important part of making good quality hot chocolate is working with the right amount of water and heat temperature. Too much water will result in a watered down hot chocolate that tastes bitter and plain. Too little water will result in a warm, thick drink that takes a long time to cool down.


healthy drinks

Coffee is a beloved beverage in the world. Many people find the taste to be pleasant and inspirational.

It makes you wake up with a clear head and enjoy your day after having a coffee or something similar. This is what makes coffee so important to us as humans!

Unfortunately, there are not many health benefits for coffee. However, there are health benefits for us as humans.

For example, we have found that working in places that are high in noise is bad for our health. At universities, academic buildings are very suitable places to work in.

Unfortunately, working near loud noises can hurt our health in the long run. It may even be better to avoid those jobs if you have a health issue such as sleep disorder or heart issue.


healthy drinks

A great way to try a new drink is to make a half-baked eggnog. You can do this by adding some egg whites to the mix or just leave it plain.

The beauty of the yolk is that it creates the base for your drink. So, if you like your eggnogs with cream and sugar, you can add those into your yolk mixture!

Either way, you will get the same great texture and taste of eggnog. You will also be surprised how many drinks you can create out of this combination. It is beyond surprising how many toppings you can put in it!

Why not? Because there are no real regulations for making your own drinks! You are The Writer now and then to share your knowledge and tips with people. Just remember that alcohol is a liquid, so make sure it is clean enough to drink(!!!).


healthy drinks

A new way to drink is the smoothie. Most people start drinking glass beverages with a few seconds of training on the straws and Tongs. Once you learn how to do it, it is very easy.

Most commercial smoothies are made with fruit as the base, so be aware of your diet if choosing an unhealthy smoothie. Many people start drinking smoothies as a way to re-up on a drink style beverage and/or for its low cost.

Some of the most popular drinks are watery, mostly due to the fact that they are usually blended up so well. Some examples of these are apple cider, honey water, and peach melon juice.

Both fresh and processed fruits and vegetables can be incorporated into a smoothie, making it very customizable.

Protein shakes

healthy drinks

Protein shakes are a great way to build muscle and increase your strength gains. They can be made in several ways, the most common being to use milk as the base and a mix-in of fruit, chocolate, or other treatings.

Many people gain the impression that protein shakes are just for athletes, but they can be a very enjoyable way to get your morning protein. Plus, you can make your own if you want!

The key is to let the body use its own enzymes to break down food into blood and charge into your cells. Without these processes working, you will barely get any results.

Most companies suggest around 2 cups of milk per cup of fruit or chocolate-based drink. You want enough milk to make it taste like milk but not too much so that it isn’t effective.

Either way, there are many brands that offer both vanilla and chocolate versions so you do not have to be limited by one flavor.


healthy drinks

Most people drink too much water. A drink or two of water every day is great, but most people are drinking too much and/or losing access to some water-based foods.

Many people don’t realize that all rivers and streams contain water, and that most freshwater rivers have enough water for everyone to swim in at times.

The average person needs about 3 – 4 cups (80 – 120 ml) of coffee each day, so it makes sense to add coffee to your diet. Coffee is a great source of caffeine, which is helpful for keeping you awake longer hours.

Many types of vegetables are also pretty low in moisture content, so it is important to consume enough of those to make up for the deficit in other parts of your diet.

Fruit juice

healthy drinks

Most fruit juices contain a large amount of sugar content. This can be extremely high compared to the juice you would get from a simple apple or orange.

Sugar contains calories, making it a common ingredient in many drinks. Most have around 5 grams of sugar in each drink, making for a huge impact.

This is not the only problem with too much fruit juice. Many are full of cholesterol and blood pressure- lowering sugars that may not be necessary.

Unfortunately, this is common today as people do not eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables due to modern diet trends.

Too much fruit juice can also increase weight gain and obesity rates due to its high calorie content. This is important to watch out for as overweight people may overconsume this drink.

Vitamin water

healthy drinks

A few years ago, there was a craze surrounding vitamin water. Everyone was drinking it and people were going out of their way to make it for special occasions or just because it was fun to mix something with ice and say you were drinking vitamin water.

This year, there hasn’t been much media attention paid to the product but if you want to try it, you can! It is still available at many stores and on Amazon Prime.

This drink is made by combining several vitamins and minerals into one beverage and selling it as such. The intention was to improve your body’s overall response to thirst signaling that you need water.

The result? People are hooked on this drink! You might even find yourself buying it just for yourself due to the increased thirst signal.

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