How Healthy Are Freshly Meals?

how healthy are freshly meals

Freshly is a healthy meal delivery service that provides ready-to-eat, fully prepared meals free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, and sugar. According to their website, their meals are nutritionally dense.

Their menus provide the ideal solution for busy individuals without enough time or the ability to cook, those with food allergies or restrictions, or those trying to reduce food waste.

1. Fresh ingredients

Freshly is a meal delivery service offering meals free from artificial ingredients and refined sugars, procured from vendors in the US; many ingredients used by Freshly are organic or sustainably-sourced.

Fresh meals are packaged and delivered using “modified atmosphere packaging” (MAP). This process aims to increase shelf life of freshly prepared foods by slowing the rate at which oxygen and oxidation interact with them, increasing shelf life by several days or weeks.

Food prepared using the MAP technique remains fresh and wholesome for longer, making it especially helpful when making meals for small numbers of people. Furthermore, using this approach minimizes bisphenol A’s negative health impacts (1).

The menu offers an impressive variety of meals, ranging from veggie-rich items like Chicken & Spring Pea Risotto to hearty “whole comfort” fare such as Sausage-Baked Penne. There’s even an impressive variety of low carb, high protein, dairy-free, and gluten-free dishes on offer; all preportioned for single serving – making them great choices for anyone trying to lose weight! Additionally, each dish includes nutrition labels and ingredient lists – an added plus.

2. No preservatives

Preservatives can have detrimental health impacts and many individuals seek to limit their intake. Preservatives are used to keep foods fresh by preventing discoloration, flavor loss and bacterial growth – often by means of chemicals like preservatives.

However, some individuals can be sensitive to additives in food, leading to adverse reactions. When this happens, you need to read carefully the ingredient label on any food item you buy.

One way to avoid preservatives is by opting for foods with natural preservation processes, such as raw nuts and seeds, fruits, vegetables, and non-processed meats.

To simplify shopping for items without preservatives, a “cheat sheet” may also prove helpful in making decisions easier in the future.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk and non-processed meats tend to be free from preservatives; however, you should read ingredient labels on canned or frozen fruits and vegetables carefully as some contain coloring agents and preservatives.

Families who have children should avoid foods containing preservatives like BHA, BHT, EDTA, ascorbic acid citric acid or sulfites as they have been linked with hyperactivity in those susceptible.

3. No artificial ingredients

Freshly stands out from its long list of competitors with its award-winning service and award-winning customer experience. Freshly’s excellent customer care and selection of high quality dishes makes them an easy choice for discriminating diners, and its convenient delivery service ensures delicious meals are at your fingertips when needed. Among many other advantages, Freshly offers an online menu and robust mobile app which make navigating their offerings simple; though its hefty price tag may deter some, subscription dining could be just what is needed to support overall health and well being.

4. Low in calories

Freshly meal delivery services make maintaining a healthy diet simple by offering freshly-cooked, whole food meals free from artificial ingredients or excess sugar, delivered directly to your door.

Freshly meals typically feature under 500-calorie counts for maximum weight-loss or healthy eating plans, making them the ideal solution.

Freshly offers many low-cal options on its menu, including dishes like Chicken and Rice Pilaf with Carrots and Green Beans that help you increase vegetable consumption while feeling full for longer. These meals can help make eating healthy more accessible!

Cottage Cheese and Spinach Bowl with Grilled Chicken is also an excellent option that contains both water and fiber to help you feel full for longer and prevent overeating.

Last, try the Veggie Mixed Marinara with Beef Meatballs and Brown Rice Pasta. This classic Italian dish has been upgraded with extra vegetables for increased nutritional benefits.

Freshly offers an assortment of plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, carb-smart and calorie-conscious meals perfect for those who suffer from food allergies or those following a specific dietary plan.

5. Low in sugar

Freshly meals are created from only high-grade ingredients that are free from artificial additives and preservatives, plus less sugar than other meal delivery companies.

Freshly meals typically fall below 500-calorie threshold, making them an excellent option for anyone trying to manage their weight. But eating lower-cal meals doesn’t mean having to forego all your favorite treats!

One effective strategy to reduce calories is swapping out other, higher calorie ingredients with healthier choices such as swapping half of the rice in your sushi for kale; this will both cut your carb intake and decrease caloric intake, cutting down on calories in one go!

Berries can help keep you satisfied longer while cutting out extra sugar intake. Not to mention they provide ample amounts of both water and fiber!

Freshly requires that when signing up, you provide your email address and zip code so they can verify if you live within their delivery zone. After doing this, you can select a plan and schedule a delivery date.

6. Low in sodium

Sodium is an essential mineral that plays an integral part in nerve impulse transmission and fluid balance, but too much sodium intake may contribute to serious health conditions like high blood pressure. Because of this risk, the American Heart Association advises limiting daily sodium consumption to no more than 2,300 milligrams (mg).

If you’re trying to limit your sodium consumption, choose Freshly meals low in salt such as poultry, seafood, vegetables, fruit and whole grains.

Keep in mind, however, that certain food items can contain high levels of sodium; especially processed and pre-packaged items. To make sure that you make wise choices, consult the Nutrition Facts label to see how much sodium each serving contains.

Another excellent place to begin is with a list of low-sodium recipes. Not only are they simple and straightforward, but they’re an easy and tasty way of reaching your daily recommended sodium intake without compromising flavor or enjoyment.

Some tasty, healthy options for dinner include roast lemon-flavored chicken, low sodium butter chicken and sweet potato and walnut stew – you’d be amazed how filling and delicious these dishes are! Not only are they flavorful, but these meals also help you stick to your diet plan while staying under 400 Calories or 100 Carbs!

7. Variety

Home-cooked meals tend to be healthier than their restaurant counterparts, which often contain high amounts of butter, salt and sugar. Plus, home-cooking eliminates micro-organisms that wreak havoc on food’s nutritional value by killing off bacteria that threaten its nutrition value.

Freshly prepared meals can also be an ideal solution for people with specific dietary restrictions such as gluten, dairy or soy allergies. Many of these services offer an assortment of entrees that fit these categories easily so you can vary up your order each week.

Fresh ingredients make these meals simple to find something your entire family will enjoy, with ready-to-heat options making life easier than ever for meal preparation.

To make sure that the meals delivered fresh to you are nutritious, look for a service offering a variety of menus using premium-grade ingredients, with lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats being prioritized, along with lots of vegetables. Check costs and availability in your area as well as testimonials before signing on with them – the latter two being particularly important!

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