How Healthy Are Freshly Meals?

how healthy are freshly meals

Freshly offers nutritious, ready-to-eat meals that require only minutes to prepare, delivered in an insulated box and easily heated up in the microwave. Their selections also feature no gluten, dairy or soy and offer carb-conscious options.

Individuals who dislike cooking, or whose housemates or family have diverse dietary preferences and restrictions, may benefit from using this service. Unfortunately, however, its pricing compares poorly with competitors and there are no plans available for families of two or more.

High-quality ingredients

Freshly meals feature high-quality ingredients selected by chefs, without artificial sweeteners, processed sugars, trans fats or any other unhealthy components. Their meals also contain more protein than most meal delivery services so that you stay full for longer and burn more calories; furthermore they contain fewer carbs and calories than traditional fast-food options.

Service offers a selection of meatless entrees and seafood dishes, as well as seafood options that is ever expanding its menu. Most recently, it released plant-based meals that feature hearty vegetables and healthy ingredients; you can order these dishes by entering your zip code on their website and selecting how many meals per week you would like delivered to you.

Freshly has quickly become the fastest-growing meal kit delivery service due to their delicious and healthy options, which have been carefully tested by chefs and nutritionists. Their meals come packaged in cardboard sleeves with cooking instructions and ingredient lists – helping reduce waste while simultaneously decreasing their carbon footprint – with all boxes, plastic containers and gel ice packs being recyclable materials.

Freshly’s menus combine quality ingredients with diet-specific meals designed to fit a range of dietary restrictions and preferences, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, low-carb and dairy-free meals prepared by chefs under nutritionist direction to meet all of the necessary nutritional requirements for leading an active life.

Freshly is unique among meal-kit services because it allows customers to select meals according to their dietary needs and preferences. For instance, you can select meals by their caloric content if you’re trying to achieve weight loss, and customize deliveries with specific amounts of carbohydrates and proteins.

Meals provided by this service are packed in cardboard boxes insulated with denim insulation and reusable gel ice packs made of recycled water bottles, to keep food chilled for at least two days without using harmful substances such as styrofoam or other plastic materials. Each meal also comes labeled with its nutrition information and ingredients list to avoid confusion when cooking your meals.

No processed sugars

Freshly claims that their meals offer a healthy alternative to the frozen dinners typically high in calories and fat content. Their chefs use whole ingredients with minimal processing; no artificial flavors or chemical preservatives; limited added sugars linked with obesity and heart disease are avoided as part of this service. Furthermore, Freshly also strives to reduce food waste. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates, Americans waste 30–40% of groceries which is costly for families or individuals who purchase ingredients that they end up not using; meals delivered by Freshly come fully cooked single-serve containers which make storing and reheating easy compared with frozen dinners from traditional diners or fast food chains like McDonald’s or others like this service are ideal.

Freshly meals can be an ideal solution for people with limited time and skills in the kitchen, offering personalized menu options based on taste, cooking skill level and caloric intake needs. Each meal also comes with its own nutrition label so you can track nutrient consumption; furthermore you may choose meals tailored specifically towards dietary restrictions like dairy-free, low carb, plant-based or gluten-free eating needs.

Freshly stands out from other meal delivery services by using fresh ingredients and an array of protein sources like fish and chicken for its meals, keeping sodium intake to an absolute minimum and without using processed sugars or added fats. Furthermore, there’s no MSG used – making Freshly an ideal option for people sensitive to food additives!

The company’s meals are prepared in large U.S. kitchens, and most are certified gluten free. Never frozen and free from artificial ingredients and preservatives, their dishes also feature low sodium meats and reduced-fat cheese options to meet the needs of vegetarians and vegans alike.

Freshly’s prepared meals are low in calories while offering great flavor, typically falling between 400-500 cals and featuring higher levels of protein than many other meal delivery services. In addition, Freshly also offers low-carb and carb-conscious options, providing nutritional labels with each dish they deliver each week and over 30 choices to choose from each week – you can pause or cancel online anytime!

No preservatives

Freshly is a meal delivery service offering gourmet takeout meals made fresh daily to your door, ready to heat in the microwave. Chefs and nutritionists work collaboratively to develop delicious recipes featuring antioxidant-rich vegetables, whole grains, and high-quality proteins – plus it comes packaged in an insulated box equipped with special oxygen control technology to extend shelf life while simultaneously protecting from food spoilage during delivery!

Freshly meals are free from preservatives and artificial ingredients, with their chefs using only organic and all-natural ingredients for their creations. Plus they’re low cal with no added sugar! Also perfect for people with gluten sensitivities! To get started simply visit Freshly’s website and enter your zip code to see if their service is available in your area!

Your meal plan options range from 4-12 meals each week and feature an ever-rotating menu; once chosen, they’re packaged up and delivered right to your door with an expiration date labeled on top.

Freshly provides more than just its menu to help improve health and promote sustainability in everyday living. Their “Healthy Eating” section features articles covering topics from baking with alternative flours to creating a balanced diet plan, while its “Better Living” section covers topics like eco-friendly cooking, mindful eating and eliminating unnecessary chemicals in your home environment.

Chefs and nutrition experts from this company have designed meals to accommodate dietary restrictions of various kinds. Their dishes use fresh ingredients and many are low in fat and sodium while still high in protein and low in carbohydrates, providing an ideal diet plan for weight loss and balanced lifestyles.

Freshly offers exceptional customer service, quickly responding to any of your inquiries or concerns. Their contact details can be found on their website; in addition, new customers are entitled to receive a complimentary sample meal!


Healthy meal delivery services provide a quick and convenient way to obtain meals free of processed sugars and preservatives, perfect for those who lack time or the skills needed to cook healthy food themselves. Meals arrive fully prepared in three minutes or less – low in calories but rich with nutrition!

The company provides an array of dishes, from vegetarian and vegan options to gluten-free offerings, that use fresh, whole ingredients carefully selected by chefs and nutritionists. Meals often combine antioxidant-rich vegetables with whole grains and high-quality proteins for optimal nutritional benefit; their menu changes regularly to reflect seasonal ingredients and fresh culinary ideas.

At Beyond Meals, they provide an impressive variety of dinners each week; offering over 40 choices. Most meals fall under 500 calories and feature fresh, vegetable-focused “market day” dishes alongside heartier whole comfort entrees that satisfy. All their offerings are free from artificial flavors or preservatives as well as gluten.

Each meal comes complete with instructions and ingredients stored in microwave-safe plastic containers that don’t release bisphenol A. Recyclable boxes house the meals, and delivery occurs via an insulated cooler. You can store meals in your refrigerator for up to a week; just follow a few microwave cycles during preparation!

Freshly’s meal kits are delivered right to customer homes throughout the United States using a network of distributors. Freshly takes pride in using quality ingredients and believes its food has some of the best taste available in its industry. However, Freshly isn’t cheap on the market and does not include organic meals; nor does it accommodate those with food allergies or intolerance. Freshly’s service is offered in most U.S. states; simply enter your zip code on their website to see if its available near you – saving both time and money – as well as making trying to lose weight easier and quicker!

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