How Healthy Are Freshly Meals?

how healthy are freshly meals

A healthy diet includes foods from all the major food groups to provide your body with essential nutrients and lower the risk of disease.

Freshly meals offer a convenient solution for anyone seeking healthier dining but lacking time to cook for themselves. Each individual-serving meal features real ingredients including antioxidant-rich vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains – ideal for anyone trying to achieve better eating without making time-intensive changes themselves.

No added sugar

Freshly meals are carefully designed to be healthy, nutritious and delicious. Made with whole foods that avoid high levels of sugar and artificial flavorings, Freshly also limits processed ingredients in its meals and uses preservatives that do not harm gut health such as their chicken parm dish which contains only 8 grams of sugar – perfect for protein lovers while offering plenty of vegetables and fiber to support gut health!

Freshly meals not only avoid added sugar but are also relatively low in saturated fat and have no trans fats, contain fiber and are low in sodium levels. Furthermore, Freshly offers gluten-free, peanut free and low carb meals which make eating healthily easy without cooking at home. This makes Freshly an ideal solution for people looking for quick yet convenient healthy meal solutions!

No processed foods

Freshly is one of the only meal delivery services that doesn’t process their food before offering it for delivery, offering better-for-you comfort foods that are gluten free, sugar-free, high in fiber and protein content and vegan and vegetarian friendly. While Freshly’s meals have numerous positive characteristics, many customers have reported finding them bland and not very appetizing.

The company’s claims about not processing its foods align with recommendations by health authorities such as the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025, which recommend limiting ultra-processed foods while eating meals rich in vegetables, complex carbs, and lean proteins. Their meals also tend to have very little added sugar; some even contain as little as one gram per serving! Some do contain processed sugar such as maltodextrin or fructose but these amounts should remain very minimal.

No preservatives

Freshly stands apart from meal delivery services by using only fresh ingredients for their meals, while at the same time using natural preservatives rather than processed ones to reduce preservative levels in their dishes and make their dishes taste more flavorful and less processed.

Freshly may not offer as many specialized diet options as Factor 75 and Fresh N Lean do, but their meals still cover a range of health goals and restrictions – for instance, gluten-free options, meals low in carbs, or that are calorie conscious can all be found within their offerings.

Freshly is one of the premier meal delivery services, providing healthy yet convenient meals. Their meals come individually packed and can be heated in three minutes or less in the microwave. Packaging made of recyclable materials includes a cardboard sleeve with label.


MSG (monsodium glutamate) is an ingredient used to add flavor to food; however, it has long been perceived as unhealthy and linked to Chinese Restaurant Syndrome – which includes symptoms like numbness in the head or arms, chest tightness, sweating, nausea and headaches as well as fatigue. Unfortunately this myth based on anti-Asian racism cannot be proven scientifically and should be disproved accordingly.

Freshly meals do not use MSG; all ingredients are carefully selected from trusted suppliers without artificial flavors or preservatives added; further, no hydrogenated oils are used so as to avoid trans fats.

Packaging provided by this service is BPA-free and constructed from recycled denim insulation instead of styrofoam, while meal containers feature clear cooking instructions, nutritional info and ingredients list; plus they’re gluten and peanut-free – helping reduce food waste! The service aims to further decrease waste through single serving meals.

No artificial flavors

Freshly meals are free of artificial flavors and chemical preservatives, so they can be eaten straight out of the box. The company’s chefs also use a variety of healthy ingredients to keep meals interesting, such as swapping calorie-rich cream for pureed squash or cauliflower to create creamy sauces.

The service also offers a range of meal options for people with specific dietary needs, including high-protein, gluten-free, and soy-free meals. Its menu is backed by dieticians and physicians. It also includes a selection of vegan and vegetarian meals.

The meals are fully cooked and ready to eat after a brief heating in the microwave. They come in a box that’s made from recycled denim instead of Styrofoam, and the gel ice packs are non-toxic. They can be stored for up to five days in the fridge. The service has an easy online ordering process, and people can change their subscription specifications or cancel their membership before the weekly deadline.

No artificial colors

Meals prepared through this service are carefully designed by chefs and nutritionists and offer healthier versions of comfort foods, providing protein, complex carbs, and heart-healthy fats in every meal, making these offerings among the most nutrient-dense options available.

Freshly is also proud to use organic ingredients and avoid processed sugar and corn syrup, all while staying true to its commitment of offering meals containing at least 42g of protein per meal and plenty of vegetables.

Freshly is one of the few meal delivery services that offers more vegetarian options than most others, thanks to its commercial kitchen-prepared meals served in reusable plastic containers with gel ice packs – all packaged up using recycled denim that doesn’t contain styrofoam or BPA! Simply heat them back up when convenient for busy people!

No gluten

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale that acts as a binder and gives food its “stretchy” quality. Many meal delivery services try to avoid gluten by including ingredients such as oatmeal, buckwheat and quinoa; however it’s wise to check labels as even meals that claim no gluten may contain trace amounts due to cross contamination; furthermore it would also be prudent to keep kitchen utensils and dishes used with gluten-containing food separate.

Freshly offers over 30 premade meal options every week that are fully cooked, all delivered directly to your doorstep in insulated boxes with gel ice packs so they stay fresh until you get home.

These meals are packed with nutrients and low in added sugars, making them good for your health. Plus, they’re certified gluten free and peanut free to be safe for those with allergies or celiac disease. Plus, there’s high protein content which may prevent age-related muscle loss known as sarcopenia.

No dairy

Cutting dairy out can provide many health advantages, from less bloating and clearer skin to helping you lose weight and meet fitness goals. Furthermore, eliminating dairy doesn’t need to mean giving up flavor or convenience – with just a few adjustments you can enjoy delicious meals sans dairy! For instance, switch out sour cream for Greek yogurt as sauce, use cauliflower in place of meatballs in recipes, or even add nuts butter as part of the mix.

Freshly’s prepared meals are nutritionally dense and sugar-free, free from gluten and dairy, with various filters to help find one suitable to your dietary needs.

Before ordering any meal, it’s essential to review its ingredient list carefully. Some dishes contain questionable additives like natural flavors and natamycin which could harm your digestive health or cause digestive issues in some individuals.

No soy

Soybeans have a long-standing reputation as being healthy food. But recent studies suggest they may interfere with thyroid function and lead to diseases like cancer. Because of these concerns, some individuals avoid soy altogether even though dairy-free or vegan labeled products exist. It’s wise to consult a medical expert before making changes to your diet, particularly if there is an allergy or intolerance present.

Freshly is dedicated to offering meals tailored to fit a range of dietary requirements. Their menu boasts vegetarian offerings, soy-free choices and low-cal options, in addition to protein sources that offer additional nutritional value while swapping out calories-rich dairy cream with more nutritionally dense options.

Freshly’s meals contain nuts, so those with an allergy should exercise caution when considering ordering its service. Furthermore, their kitchens may use equipment which could cross-contaminate with milk, eggs, fish shellfish tree nuts soy and wheat products.

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