How Healthy Are Meal Kits?

how healthy are meal kits

Meal delivery services deliver premeasured ingredients and recipes to your door so you can quickly prepare healthy, nutritious meals at home. In some cases, these services also offer fully cooked meals.

Meal kits now cater to specific diets such as keto, low-carb or Weight Watchers diets. Many are organic-certified while some even provide family-friendly dishes.


Meal kits can be expensive, especially if you choose services offering fully prepared meals or high-end ingredients. But there are ways to find more cost-effective meal kits, such as using discount codes or choosing smaller packages; also take into consideration your time commitment before making your decision.

There are numerous meal kit companies, and they all vary in terms of price, menu options, and delivery fees. Some offer recipes suitable for various dietary patterns (gluten-free, low carb or vegan); others specialize in organic produce while omitting ingredients like artificial sweeteners, preservatives or food dyes; yet others even provide specialty supplements, teas or snacks to support health goals.

Meal kit deliveries provide convenience and can save money over time on groceries. They’re also an easy way to avoid growing tired of repeating dinner recipes each week; most meal kit companies provide easy-to-follow recipes ready for preparation in around 30 minutes, making meal kit delivery even more practical than ever.

Meal kits do come with their share of downsides, however; one being that they can be expensive and require extensive planning. This is due to most meal kit companies having to deliver perishable products with limited options when it comes to cutting costs – leading some business analysts to question whether this model can sustain itself over time.

Meal kit services like Blue Apron use excessive packaging materials that may present issues when considering waste and environmental impact. Their meals arrive packed into boxes surrounded by foam liners and sandwiched between giant ice packs; their website provides instructions for recycling these materials.

Sunbasket offers another solution for healthy meal delivery with their meal kit service that offers chef-designed recipes sourced from small farms. They have one of the widest selections of recipes suitable for all diets; organic produce, grass-fed and pastured meats as well as sustainably sourced seafood are also all included.


Blue Apron, one of the original meal kit delivery services, provides recipes with more ambitious ingredients like cumquats and fennel pollen than you might normally use at home; their 40-minute meals also feature flavor-forward recipes with some added flare (such as Mahi Mahi Piccata with Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Parmesan Sweet Potatoes or Shrimp and Vegetable Curry).

Other companies, such as Sunbasket, offer meal kits with less work involved and premeasured ingredients; however, you will still be required to prepare the meals yourself. Some may need to be cooked within days of their arrival otherwise they’ll spoil. There are some companies such as Freshly, Fresh N Lean, and Mosaic Foods which deliver ready-made meals – perfect for people who do not enjoy cooking but still appreciate having something delivered directly to their door.

The top meal kit delivery services provide plenty of choices, such as vegetarian, vegan, low-cal, and healthy offerings. Each service offers various recipe styles and cooking time requirements so that you can find something suitable to your lifestyle; Purple Carrot provides vegetarian meals made from mostly vegetables without meat or animal byproducts while Home Chef has quick 30-minute meals on their menus.

Some meal kit services feature diet-specific recipes designed by registered dietitians and nutritionists, while others specialize in high-protein meals, keto-friendly dishes, Mediterranean recipes or customizing ingredients to your eating plans – such as opting for organic produce or free-range meat. You may be able to select organic produce or free-range meat, and customize meals by choosing organic produce or free range meat options; you could even opt for low sodium or gluten-free kits! But before signing up with any delivery services make sure you compare their prices as well as add-on costs before signing up as soon as possible so as soon as possible!


Meal kits offer a convenient and efficient solution to time-consuming meal prep stress. Meal kit services provide all of the ingredients, recipes and cooking instructions you need to prepare meals for yourself or your family with no stress involved. Many meal kit companies also provide options tailored specifically for people with specific dietary restrictions or needs such as vegan, gluten-free and low-calorie plans.

Meal-kit companies have experienced an enormous surge in popularity recently, with numerous new players entering the market and providing full-service meals or offering more limited menus that fit better with budgeting needs. Unfortunately, however, many meal-kit companies are struggling with high customer churn rates and finding ways to retain customers effectively.

As an answer to these challenges, some meal-kit companies are targeting health-conscious consumers by creating unique food combinations with healthier ingredients and at more competitive pricing points for tight budgets. Furthermore, some offer subscription programs giving access to an expanded variety of recipes.

Dinnerly is an affordable meal-kit service offering homestyle, comfort foods like chicken and biscuits or herbed pork cutlets, along with vegan dishes as well as protein-packed meat options like steak. Delivered directly to your door in insulated bags for convenient storage for up to three days in the fridge.

Gobble, a meal-kit company offering nutritious and convenient meals in under 15 minutes, partners with chefs and nutritionists to produce meals with minimal effort required – its menu features items such as bulgogi ramen, sweet potato curry and Impossible Burger on brioche bun. Gobble services are nationwide with plans starting from $181 per week for two person meals.

Other meal-kit companies are taking to fresh food delivery in order to take the stress out of meal prep. Purple Carrot provides vegan or vegetarian meal kits with easy recipes that can be adjusted for various diets, while Home Chef offers customizable plans and an enlightened cleanse option designed specifically for busy individuals seeking to refresh their diet and achieve health.


Meal kits have quickly become an easy and healthy way to prepare healthy meals at home, providing all of the ingredients and recipes required for creating delicious dishes at your leisure. Many meal delivery services also cater to special dietary requirements with organic produce and free-range meat available from selected companies; many even use eco-friendly packaging which offsets their carbon footprint!

Meal kit companies such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Plated, Sun Basket and EveryPlate make it easier than ever before to cook healthy and delicious meals at home, delivering everything in an easy-to-use box and providing instructions for use. Meal kits save both time and money by eliminating trips to the grocery store; however, these services still require some work in the kitchen; most meals take 30 to 45 minutes on average depending on your level of expertise in the kitchen and how much you enjoy cooking!

Meal kit business is flourishing rapidly, with over 150 companies currently active in the US market. Some are newcomers while others have been around since 2012; Blue Apron was once a dominant force before its recent decline was blamed on high pricing points and limited options available to consumers.

Gobble meal kit service provides another convenient solution for busy individuals looking to eat healthy without the time required for food prep. Their kits contain all of the ingredients for three or more dinners each week – proteins (including plant-based options), vegetables, and grains needed for healthy dinners; recipes come with easy instructions that you just follow; ingredients come premeasured; packaging is less wasteful as no unnecessary items are shipped out – an added plus is they use less wasteful shipping practices and don’t ship extra ingredients you won’t use.

Meal kit companies are taking it one step further by offering ready-to-eat meals that can be heated in the microwave within 20 minutes, making them an excellent solution for people who struggle to find time to make healthy dinners themselves.

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