How Healthy Is KFC Chicken?

how healthy is kfc chicken

KFC is a beloved fast food restaurant known for its crispy fried chicken. Unfortunately, it may not be suitable for those on special diets or with food allergies.

KFC meals can be high in calorie and fat content, making it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. For an alternative option, opt for grilled chicken or salads instead.

It is low in fat

KFC may be known for its delicious fried chicken items, but there are healthier alternatives that you can enjoy while staying on track with your weight loss and health goals. These recipes will help you keep those extra calories off your plate!

One way to reduce calories while still enjoying the taste of fried chicken is ordering a sandwich instead. A KFC Spicy Classic Chicken Sandwich, for instance, contains 620 calories, 33 grams of fat, 49 grams of carbohydrate and 34 grams of protein – making this an ideal choice for those trying to maintain or lose weight, according to sports nutrition expert Michael Molloy.

Another way to reduce calories in your fried chicken order is by selecting smaller portions. Doing so will minimize how much fatty sauce and sugar you have to consume.

You could also serve your fried chicken with vegetables or a low-calorie side item like baked potatoes. Choose sides that are both low in calories and packed with essential nutrients like fiber and vitamin C for added nutritional benefit.

KFC also offers some healthy options like extra crispy chicken tenders and grilled chicken. The extra crispy tenders are especially beneficial since they contain low levels of fat and sugar.

You can also order a spicy fried chicken wing. A single wing provides 130 calories, 8 grams of fat, 380 milligrams of sodium, 3 grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of protein.

Finally, chicken drumsticks make for a high-protein and low-calorie option. Get them cut in two for an especially high-protein and low-calorie meal.

For a high-protein snack, KFC chicken drumsticks are an unbeatable choice. Each piece offers 30 grams of protein and comes in two pieces for optimal convenience.

You can even order a side of green beans to go along with your chicken. A single piece of green bean contains only 25 calories and zero grams of fat.

Eating enough protein every day is essential, particularly if you’re trying to shed pounds or build muscle. According to the US Dietary Guidelines, adults should consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight each day. Eating this recommended amount will give you a feeling of fullness and help your muscles recover after strenuous workouts.

It is high in protein

KFC is an iconic restaurant chain known for serving up mouthwatering chicken and other American favorites. It’s considered one of the leading fast food chains with 25,000 locations in 146 countries worldwide.

KFC may be known for their fried chicken, but they also offer some healthy options on their menu that will make you feel good about what you order. Here are some of the healthiest choices available:

1. KFC Grilled Chicken Is Low In Fat

If you’re searching for a healthier alternative than their Original Recipe, go with their grilled chicken option at KFC. It contains 2.5g of saturated fat compared to 5g found in crispy KFC chicken pieces.

2. KFC Grilled Chicken Breast is High in Protein

If your nutrition plan calls for more protein, KFC’s grilled chicken breast has you covered with 28 g of it per 100 grams!

3. KFC Chicken Pot Pie – A Healthy Choice

The Pot Pie is another delectable offering from KFC, made up of diced chicken, vegetables and creamy gravy.

This meal is a satisfying and filling 550-calorie serving size. Customers usually opt for the smaller bowl option, which has fewer calories and sodium than its bigger counterpart.

4. KFC Popcorn Nuggets Are a Low-Carb Option

Popcorn nuggets are one of the most popular items on the menu at KFC and can help you meet your carb goals. A large one contains 620 calories, 39 grams of fat, 1820 mg sodium, and 39 grams of carbohydrates – perfect for when you’re trying to stay within your carb range!

5. Beyond Nuggets are a vegan-friendly alternative

These Beyond nuggets come with various sides and are an ideal option for those with diabetes as they help you meet your daily protein requirements. Plus, their unique recipe makes them even healthier!

KFC offers several side dishes that are low in calories and sodium, like the Caesar salad (14 calories) or house salad (15 calories). Plus, add corn on the cob or whole kernel corn to your meal for just 90 calories each – perfect for adding an extra crunch!

It is low in carbohydrates

KFC is a beloved fast food chain that serves chicken in various forms. For those on a low carb diet, KFC provides more healthful alternatives than just the standard fried chicken option.

If you’re on a low carb diet, grilling chicken instead of deep-frying is your best bet. Not only does this contain fewer calories and fat than traditional fried chicken, but it’s also healthier for you overall.

One Original Recipe chicken breast contains 390 calories, 21 grams of fat, 11 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of fiber. Plus it’s an excellent source of protein with 39 grams per serving.

Another healthier option is a wing or thigh, which has less fat and calories per ounce than breasts. To accompany the meat, opt for a side salad or small order of green beans to keep carbs down.

One Extra Crispy chicken wing contains 140 calories, 7 grams of fat and 4 grams of carbohydrates – slightly higher in calorific content than the Original Recipe but with fewer carbs than its double-breaded counterpart.

Furthermore, the chicken skin is removed to reduce carbs in the meal. This makes it a suitable option for anyone on a low-carb diet, especially gluten-sensitive individuals or those with celiac disease.

KFC also provides gluten-free options, but be mindful that these items may come into contact with other foods containing gluten and could lead to cross contamination.

If you have a gluten allergy or are on a low-carb diet, be sure to double-check the ingredients and nutrition information for each menu item. As this can vary between locations, so be sure to ask for the most up-to-date data.

It’s essential to be mindful when ordering KFC dishes as many contain sodium, so be wary. A KFC Famous Bowl in a snack size has 270 calories, 13 grams of fat, 820 milligrams of sodium, 27 grams of carbohydrate, 1 gram sugar and 11 grams of protein.

It is high in sodium

KFC chicken can be a high-calorie food, so it’s important to make healthy choices when ordering from the restaurant. To reduce calories and fat in your meal, swap out fries or onion rings for salad and skip the dipping sauces. Alternatively, opt for grilled chicken instead of fried to reduce calories and fat content.

KFC chicken not only packs a high calorie punch, but it’s also high in sodium. To limit your sodium consumption to less than 1,500 milligrams daily, try to limit each meal to no more than two pieces.

If you want to enjoy KFC chicken without it being overly salty, remove the skin before eating it. This will decrease its carbohydrate content and make following a low-carb diet easier.

KFC’s fried chicken may contain up to 33 grams of fat per piece, but it is less unhealthy than some other fast foods. In fact, KFC makes for a good weight-management option due to its abundance of protein and fiber.

It is also high in iron, which can help increase energy levels. Furthermore, it contains vitamin B12 for improved brain health.

However, it’s essential to remember that sodium is an essential part of your diet and should be consumed in moderation. According to the American Heart Association, you should consume no more than 1500 milligrams of sodium daily.

KFC’s potato salad is another high-calorie and high-sodium menu item. This salad boasts 28 grams of fat, 4.5 grams of saturated fat, and 290 milligrams of sodium.

KFC’s potato salad is a beloved menu item, but it can be difficult to enjoy if you’re trying to manage your caloric and fat intake. A single serving of potato salad contains over 700 calories – more than half an adult’s daily caloric intake!

If you’re in search of a healthier meal, try the snack size Famous Bowl which contains only 270 calories and less fat than its regular bowl counterpart. For added nutritional value, order a side of vegetables to round out your meal.

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