How Healthy Is Kfc Chicken

KFC is one of the most recognized fast food chains out there. They have over 5,000 locations in over 50 countries!

KFC is a chicken oriented fast food chain, so it is important that your KFC has good chicken! That is what makes KFC so great, you can find it anywhere!

The main ingredient in KFC is chicken, which makes sense considering it is what everyone loves about fast food chicken. Most people know about their double-chicken strips, but people also love them with fries and pepper steak!

This article will talk about how healthy Chicken KFC is! Read on for information.

KFC uses healthy chicken

how healthy is kfc chicken

Most Americans are surprised to learn that KFC has chicken instead of beef. This is a surprise to most as it is not usually considered a meaty option.

KFC does offer some burgers and grillades, but the average person is more likely to choose chicken over another meat. This is why there is an option for fries and barbeque instead of just plain beef or fried beef.

The reason why there is so much health into the chicken at KFC is due to the plant-based meals they feature. The wingettes at KFC are a source of red blood cells, which sounds gross, but it is actually quite healthy.

Red blood cells help deliver oxygen and nutrients to your body, so having them at bedtime helps keep you refreshed overnight. Another plant-based meal they feature is a green coffee bean shake, which contains antioxidants that help improve your health.

Their oils are healthy

how healthy is kfc chicken

Although most people associate oil with bad things, there are many ways to use it for good. One way is in your diet. Olive oil is one of the top sources of polyunsaturated fats. These fats can be called “oil” because they can be used to smooth over things or into your dishes.

Polyunsaturated fats like omega-3s are found in some fish oils and tallow, which is the part of beef that doesn’t get processed into fat butter and other products.

Tallow fats help improve your skin health, so people who don’t eat much olive oil may find it valuable. The proportion of tallow oils in chicken breasts can be as little as 3%!

As you might expect, chicken breast contains quite a bit of oil, so we recommend having a little less of it if you are not strictly Paleo.

Their spices are healthy

how healthy is kfc chicken

Although most people associate ketchup and mustard with hot, we can enjoy them in other ways. Several manufacturers have introduced spicier or more mild varieties, like the ones that use jalapeño or that use Ceylon cinnamon.

These new spicier mustards and ketchup flavors are becoming more common as people learn how beneficial they are to our health. Having a little bit of each flavor in your ketchup or mustard is a good way to get the extra boost.

Jalapeño provides some heat, but not too much. It is slightly sweeter than traditional chili pepper sauce, so people who find it too hot may enjoy this version. Cinnamon adds some health benefits, making the oil taste slightly sweet.

Their frying method is unhealthy

how healthy is kfc chicken

When you eat fast food, you want it to be healthy. Unfortunately, many chicken fast foods are not healthy.

Many are made from diseased chicken and other animals are force-fed during slaughter to make them healthier. Sadly, this is not the case for chicken sold at KFC and other restaurants.

The Processed Chicken we Eat Is Not Healthy!

A “processed” food is one that has been altered in some way to make it more stable, longer lasting or easier to manufacture. An example of a processed food could be a cereal that has been altered to contain more Mg (magnesium) or a milk that has been altered to contain more sugar (glucose)!

Processed foods can be bad for us! They may have unhealthy additives or lack of nutrients that were needed when making them. These may also contain questionable ingredients that are not linked to health benefits, making it hard to determine if they are affecting you.

They should use a healthier frying method

how healthy is kfc chicken

Most people view fried chicken as unhealthy, too greasy and bad for health. However, if you look at the nutritional data for most fast food chicken recipes, you will see that they don’t have much nutritional content. Most of them have low to medium levels of nutrients and vitamin and minerals.

This is because the cooks at fast food chains use average sized chicken breasts, or white meat instead of dark meat. The white meat contains less nutrients than the dark!

This is important to note: Nutrition data doesn’t mean that these restaurants are selling bad health food, it just means they aren’t including enough to make a difference in your health.

Many people miss this because the nutritional data is displayed on the menu, but you can also request it by calling the restaurant ahead of time.

They should reduce their salt content

how healthy is kfc chicken

We suggest reducing the sodium content of all foods. If you don’t eat salt-free foods, you should consider keeping some salt in your diet.

KFC has a lot of salt in their chicken. Most people find that the chicken is too salty without the added seasoning, but we think it is a good choice to reduce the sodium content of foods.

Most people cannot eat much more than a few tablespoons of salt per day, so this is a small amount. Even though we suggest having less than this as a guide, there are people who cannot handle much more than this.

There are several ways to reduce the sodium in your food. Some people recommend using low-sodium vegetables or herbs and spices, or buying foods that have been reduced in sodium content.

They should use organic ingredients

how healthy is kfc chicken

Despite being a fast food restaurant, KFC has the attention of the eat well. They use ingredients that are healthy, even on their chicken.

According to their website, they use 100% cage-free eggs, pea pods in their formula for chicken product, and full-fat Kerry Honey in the sauce and condiments.

These items may sound strange at first, but it makes sense when you look at it. Cage-free eggs are better for the environment as they don’t need extra farm support. Pea pods help build your immune system and full-fat honey helps keep your mouth dry when eating the chicken!

And although you may not have heard of it, Kerry honey is very good for your health.

Chicken is one of the healthiest meats you can eat

how healthy is kfc chicken

As the name suggests, chicken is a little bit chickeny. According to the company, it is ‘lightly breaded and fried’ until it is crisp. The result is a tasty way to enjoy your meats.

This doesn’t mean that chicken is low in fat or sugar, though. Quite the contrary! Most brands contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals to help improve your health.

The three most important include protein, fat and calories. A 1/2 cup (100 g) piece of chicken contains around 4 calories and 2 grams of fat, making it an excellent source of healthy fats. Chicken also contains plenty of Vitamin A so as not to promote cataract development which can lead to poor vision.

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