How Healthy Is My Lunch

Usually, when we talk about health and nutrition in the workplace, people think about diet and exercise. We hear about the benefits of healthy fats and how important they are for heart health. We learn that vegetables are good for us.

We also hear about the dangers of empty foods, such as sugar or fat. This is because we know that our bodies cannot properly use all of these nutrients when they are empty calories.

Today, we will talk about ways to make your lunch healthy. There are many ways to make a healthy lunch.

Include whole grains

how healthy is my lunch

Whole grains are linked to a lower risk for obesity and chronic disease.

If you’re not eating whole grains, you’re missing out on key sources of fiber, minerals and omega oils. These nutrients can help with weight loss and overall health.

A recent study looked at over 1,400 people and found that women who ate the most whole grain cereal had the lowest risk for breast cancer than women who ate the least. The higher women who consumed the most whole grain cereal had the lowest risk for breast cancer than those who consumed the least amount of grain.

In total, there were over 6,000 nutrient values in this one study, so it is not everyone’s job to consume all of those foods! Just because we see certain diseases does not mean we should not be alerted to how important these nutrients are.

Include vegetables

how healthy is my lunch

A green or a colorful vegetable should definitely be included in my lunch every day. Whether it be a small portion of carrots, or a small portion of sweet potatoes, there are many health benefits of vegetables.

Many people miss the veggies when they aren’t included in their diet. Having these items in my lunch helps promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and that is very important.

I have found that if I don’t eat any vegetables for an hour before school, it makes it more difficult for me to eat enough during class. So, I make it a habit to include some veggies in my breakfast and lunch days.

Additionally, at school, I try to make sure to always include at least one fruit per meal. This helps keep me from eating too little fruits and vegetables during class, as well as helps me feel better after each meal. It also gives me something extra to snack on before or after class.

Include lean meat

how healthy is my lunch

More than any other meal, lunch is designed to be a quick and easy way to make sure you include your recommended daily meat intake. Most meals offer some form of vegetables or fruit as well, but meat is the only one that clearly counts as a food that helps build muscle.

This is part of what makes meat so expensive- it costs money to put more than a trace amount of it into your body. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat enough to meet your needs.

By including at least some fruit and/or vegetables in your diet, you will still meet your protein needs while still getting plenty of calories in your lunch. And although there isn’t much evidence that these foods contribute much health benefits, they may help reduce hunger later in the day.

Any healthy meal can have too much or too little fat or sugar, but too little protein or fat can make a difference in how hungry you are later in the day.

Include fruit

One fourth of the worlds population does not have access to fruit. Consuming more fruit is a great habit to get into. Most fruits are lovely, but few are good for us.

Most fruits are high in carbohydrate content, which means it can contribute to weight gain. Oranges contain a large amount of sugar, oranges are also high in fat content making them a difficult choice to choose between best diets are 2 different things: weight loss and health.

Sugars can make you feel hungry later on and may cause weight Gain. However, if you cannot have any fruit at your lunchtime, you can include some vegetables such as sweet potatoes or cabbage. You can also include some fish such as salmon or tofu if you do not have any fruit during lunchtime.

Pack the perfect lunch box

how healthy is my lunch

If you are going to a busy school or workplace, it is important that you give your lunch box enough room to fit everything that you need to take with you.

Most students have a standard-sized lunch box, with an upper compartment for snacks and a lower compartment for food. The top and bottom must be able to close securely!

The middle section is used for storing accessories like water bottles or a smartphone case. The last section can be used for storage of books or memorabilia related to your lunch break.

This way, you will have space to store your things safely while still having access to them during the course of your lunch break.

Use biodegradable containers

how healthy is my lunch

Exchanging regular food containers is a great way to reduce the use of plastic, and increase your awareness of what’s in your food. Most supermarkets offer packages of stainless steel or glass containers, so you do not have to buy very many to raise awareness!

Many supermarkets now offer biodegradable containers which are easy to throw away, but others don’t. If you see no container option, assume that the food being contained is still plastic.

Biodegradable doesn’t mean safe to handle either- some plastics can break down in heat and water, becoming dangerous if swallowed. Make sure any container you need for lunch is one that will easily break down in heat and water!

Another tip: Buy bags or containers for your food so you can put your lunch into those right away! This helps keep things fresh, and puts an emphasis on using the correct container for the food inside.

Use reusable plastic containers

how healthy is my lunch

When it comes to preparing your meals, you should use a few easy-to-remember plastic containers. Two of those are the large, thin one you can find right under the dishwasher symbol and the smaller one you can find under cooking utensils.

Both of these containers can be used for anything, so do not get into a rush and forget them. You can also mix and match these to save some money!

Keep in mind that these smaller containers may not be perfect for storing large amounts of food, so make sure you take that into account when choosing which container to pack in. You do not need the largest container to pack in if you have enough room for all three in your standard packing scheme.

Use glass containers

how healthy is my lunch

Instead of using aluminum cans or plastic containers, use glass ones. This saves you a lot of landfill space and money at the store.

This way, you can see how much water your lunch has and if it is fresh, because the container was not washed after use. You can also see what type of foods are in them so you know if it is a good food or a bad food.

Metal and glass have different frequencies of energy. This makes sense when we think about our body’s parts that need energy to function. When we save money in the long run by using glass or non-metal containers, then we do deserve it!

Using glass or non-metal containers will also help prevent any kind of foreign objects from getting into your food, which could possibly cause harm to your body.

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