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Diet and nutrition is a popular field of study right now. Why? Because we are living and eating style change-on-demand lives. There are always new foods you can eat, places to find them, and overall attitudes about them.

You have the ability to create your own diet, so how you do that is up to you!

There are many different diets out there, so not every one works for everyone. However, there are some basics that everyone agrees on. The most basic of basics include: eat more protein, eat more fat, and exercise enough each day!

The more you know about nutrition, the more understood your meal calculator will be. This article will go over some of the basic aspects of the diet calculator and how to use it effectively.

Calculate your meal frequency

Now that you have your food diary, it’s time to put it to use. The best way to use your meal tracking is to divide your day into different blocks of time. Each block of time should be hacked up into smaller, more manageable chunks.

For example, you may have a lunchtime period that includes work-based activities, school activities, and family activities. This may make sense since you would count your activity during the lunch period as an activity.

You would then have a dinner period which includes any night time Activities and/or family activities. In this case, you would count your dinner as an activity since you are going out for dinner with your family members.

The last part of the day is the quiet time period where you can think about what you did that day.

Protein dosage

how healthy is my meal calculator

Most people know that protein is important for body composition and/or exercise performance, but many people do not calculate the correct protein intake. This is important because your body can be lacking in protein during a diet- oriented period, such as during the week before a class or event.

During this period, you can find yourself feeling hungry and not eating enough to meet your needs. It is also important to remember that women tend to use more of their protein than men due to differences in body weight and muscle mass. Women also tend to consume more of each of the essential fatty acids (EFA) in our diet than men do.

Essentially, we need more omega-3s and men seem to require less of them than women do. Because of this, men seem to have a nutritional deficiency when it comes to EFA levels in their bodies. As a result, they may overconsume their protein intake which may be inadequate.

Carb dosage

how healthy is my meal calculator

The number of carbs your meal calculator gives you is based on a standard American diet (SAD). This includes whole foods, like fruit, vegetables, and whole grains, as well as foods that look like sugar, like honey or syrup.

Your SAD includes different levels of carbs for meals, snacks, and drinks. For example, you may have brown sugar in your lunchbox compared with the max in your snack pack.

Your body uses different amounts of carbs for energy, so you should have enough to spare. Your body prefers complex carbs, like veggies and fruit, over simple ones, like sugarcress!

Most people are fine with the amount of carbs their meal calculator gives them.

Fat dosage

how healthy is my meal calculator

Few people know this, but your body can be predisposed to fat storage. The majority of us have an average amount of fat in our bodies- we just don’t necessarily use it.

Wisely, we have learned how to reduce our fat intake without necessarily knowing how much we are eating. Most dieticians and nutritionists suggest that you eat your fats in the correct amounts and within your physiology context.

For example, if you consider yourself a “healthy” person, then you certainly should consume your fats in your diet. You certainly should not be consuming large amounts of fat, because your body may not need it as much as someone who is “healthier” does.

Your body may be deficient in some fatty acids such as Omega 3s which may cause health problems such as cardiac issues or skin disorders.

Vegetable dosage

how healthy is my meal calculator

The amount of vegetables your meal calculator gives you depends on your nationality. In the United States, for example, you get about 20% more vegetables than in Europe.

This is a bug in my app! You can’t set your vegetables to what you want in your meal calculator. 🙁

But don’t stress out too much- this doesn’t mean you have to eat an extra vegetables-filled vegetable dish every night of the week! The idea is to eat as many veggies as possible, not one big vegetable dish that contains a lot of other things.

Even though this sounds weird, it can be good for you because some veggies are full of fiber and other things like potassium. Plus, if you mix up your foods, it probably won’t matter which ones are the specific vegetables that make you feel hungry and fidly.

Fruit dosage

how healthy is my meal calculator

Most people who use the meal calculator are fruit lovers. So, the app includes a section calledfruit dosage. This section includes information on how much fruit you should eat per day.

This information is based on your age, body weight, and activity level. It also doesn’t account for whole fruits, which are less healthy than their extracted parts.

Your health care professional can help you determine your ideal fruit dosage according to your age, weight, and condition.

But for most people, one or two pieces of fruit per day is enough to get the job done. And of course, you want to keep the pieces small! A piece of citrus or an orange can hold its own against a single piece of fruit.

Oil usage

how healthy is my meal calculator

Most people realize that a 1:1 ratio of green leafy vegetables to foods like meat is an essential part of a healthy diet. However, few consider the amount of oil we eat in general.

Many foods are coated in oil to make them easier to chop, roll, and slice. Some oils are used in baking powder and spice mixes, others are used as cooking oils.

So, when you look at your meal calculator and see the amount of fat you’re supposed to eat, you might be surprised by the amount of oil you’re supposed to eat. A capful (a teaspoon) of oil can equal half a cup (400 ml) of liquid! That’s a lot of calories consumed over a short time period.

Healthy meals that include some olive or plant-based oil depend upon the location and type.

Amino acid content

how healthy is my meal calculator

Most foods have an average of three basic amino acids that are important for healthy protein synthesis and function. A small percentage of people can’t get enough of some of the other important amino acids.

Vitamin A is a nutrient called vitamin A that helps you see and feel more, along with nutritional sources like dairy products and fruit.

As you age, your body may not contain as much vitamin A as it did in younger years, which can make it difficult to determine if a food is adequate in vitamin A. Some vegetables, for example, contain some but not all the necessary vitamins A and C.

Many processed foods have no or little vitamin A and may not be adequate in this important nutrient. This can make it hard to know when a food is adequate in vitamin A for someone based on the meal size alone.

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