How Healthy Is Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s is an American restaurant chain focused on fast-paced, high- calorie dining. Their menu offers chicken wings, chicken wings, beef skewers, beef burgers, and chicken burgers.

Zaxby’s was founded in 1986 by John Zaxby Sr. and his brother John Zaxby Jr. Today, John Zaxby III leads the company as president and CEO.

The brothers realized that by trademarking their brand name and placing their signature on products such as snack foods and drinks they could charge more for their products than other restaurant chains could.

Since then, they’ve expanded their services such as barber shops and wellness centers which offer memberships designed to keep you healthy. They also created the “winghouse” where you place your order on a mobile device before arriving at the restaurant to speed up your order process.


Zaxby’s has a limited array of foods available to you. You can either buy fresh or frozen products, or you can mix and match between the two.

Both fresh and frozen items are quite affordable at Zaxby’s. Most items are under $2 USD, and some even under $1 USD! This is helping to create a more affordable menu option for customers.

This may seem like no nutrition, but it really isn’t. Many brands of food don’t have as much information about them as they do on the package, making it harder for your body to use it efficiently. By having limited nutrients in your food, your body will use more of it quicker!

You also get a bit of choice when choosing what food you want. At Zaxby’s, you can either choose from their foods or order them prepared! This way, you get what you want and want when it comes to nutrition.


how healthy is zaxby's

Zaxby’s is a chicken wing chain that has opened several locations in North and South Carolina. At Zaxby’s, you can get most major chicken wing flavors such as buffalo, chicken Alfredo, Italian beef, and fried chicken.

All of these flavors are available at Zaxby’s headquarters in Atlanta, so they do not use them in creative ways. They simply season and fry the wings the same way at their restaurants.

What makes the wings healthier than other wings is the fact that they are guar gum between the wing feathers. Guar gum is used as a coat for other foods such as potatoes or even toothpaste to keep it intact while cooking.

Guar gum is considered a dietary fiber source due to its ability to help improve overall health status of our bodies.


how healthy is zaxby's

Zaxby’s is a chicken wings chain. As its name suggests, the wings are served with a gentle sauce that is mixed zaxby’s spice and pepper. There are two wing styles you can find on the menu: paper or meaty.

Paper wings are actually known as fried crickets. These wingtips are coated in a spicy batter and fried to golden brown perfection. The taste? Not much. They taste like chicken, but with a weird spice added to them that makes them not very pleasant to eat.

Meticurian wings are truly amazing! These aren’t really chicken wings, but they look like them. They are crisp outside and soft within, almost doughlike. The yeast extract and other ingredients make them absolutely heavenly tasting!

The third style of wing you can find at Zaxby’s is called soft Wings.


how healthy is zaxby's

Not only is Zaxby’s a fan of the Combo, you can also choose between a variety of other salads. You can get the traditional green and white lettuce, tomato, and chicken or beef with ranch style. You can also get a watermelon salad or grilled sweet potato salad.

We suggest trying some of these out!

Watermelon is a refreshing summer entree, and Grilled Sweet Potato Salad is one of our favorites!

If you are not in the mood for any kind of salad, there are many other menu items that are high in vitamins and minerals, like grilled chicken with seasonal vegetables, grilled pork chops with barbecue sauce, or blackberry Cobb dessert.


how healthy is zaxby's

Concerns include high sugar content, McGovern’s style food, and lack of fruits and vegetables. Both restaurants offer a variety of foods including chicken wings, burgers, fries, salads, and desserts but the majority of them are high in sugar content.

Another concern is the lack of fruits and vegetables. Most people who visit Zaxby’s eat fruits or vegetables but only in a side item or as an accompaniment to a item.

In addition to the foods being high in sugar content, many people say that they are not very flavorful which can be problematic. Sometimes people forget to eat their fruits or veggies when they visit a fast food restaurant because they are so tasty!

Lastly, concerns regarding health are concerns about security. Some users have reported stalkers visiting Zaxby’s just to get information about what items they ate and whether or not they enjoyed them.


how healthy is zaxby's

If you feel that Zaxby’s offers too little or too much for your liking, there are alternative fast food chains that can help you maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. These include:

Breadpanis – A fast food chain that uses self-service bakers’ shops where customers can have their own custom sandwich to be assembled and finished as they wish.

– A fast food chain that uses self-service bakers’ shops where customers can have their own custom sandwich to be assembled and finished as they wishes. Donut King – A donut shop with a focus on handcrafted flavors and high quality dough. They even sell Original Glazed, which is the only traditional glaze brand donuts available in the US.

— A donut shop with a focus on handcrafted flavors and high quality dough. They even sell Original Glazed, which is the only traditional glaze brand donuts available in the US. Shake Shack – An affordable restaurant that offers fast food classics in large format size. You can customize your burger height, how many toppings you want on it, and what type of sauce you want on it.


how healthy is zaxby's

Overall, Zaxby’s is a pretty healthy chicken wing. It does not contain any sugar or fat, which makes it better for you to avoid. However, if you want some grease or sugar to enhance your meat, Zaxby’s is the place to go!

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how healthy is zaxby's

Zaxby’s is a chicken sandwich restaurant that offers a variety of fillings and combinations. Some combinations are crazy, like pesto chicken with sweet potato fries and savoy cabbage topping, or grilled chicken with white rice and painted vegetables.

Both fillings and combinations are an easy way to consume more fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Being able to mix or combine ingredients in food is a way to customize your meals.

This is also a good method for eating because you choose what you want and want what you want. You get what you want and when you want it – it’s super easy with the motorized door system at the store. You just push your food through!

Using different combinations of ingredients in food gives your body different nutrients so it can use what it wants to consume them.

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