How To Simplify Meal Planning

Meal planning is a fun way to cook and create unique dishes every time. It can be very creative and spontaneous!

Many people use online meal plan services. You can create an account here to help you plan your meals. Many have features that allow you to add and edit recipes, groups, and locations.

This article will talk about how to simplify meal planning by using free app food search, app-based grocery stores, and online shopping sites. All of these options are connected through the app so it is easy to switch between them at the grocery store or in the kitchen.

Tabletop cooking is a great way to test new meals or make more of an ending point for the week.

Create a list of favorite restaurants

how to simplify meal planning

Having a list of favorite restaurants makes it easier to plan meals and creates context for whether or not you have food in the house. It also helps to know where your food is coming from.

By having information about restaurant locations, food trends, and customer reviews, you can narrow your list to quality restaurants.

You can also create a google-style map of your home and surrounding area where you will most likely want to eat. By having this information, you will have an easy way to find a good restaurant near you!

Having information about food trends is also very helpful when trying to simplify meal planning. For example, the flatbread trend is increasing in popularity so far this year than the reverse v-wave trend that disappeared.

Divide your week into four days

This may seem like a basic meal planning concept, but it can make a big difference in how much food you eat. We term this four-day eating system the GAPS theory, which stands for greater abundance syndrome.

Most of us are not well versed in how to plan a full week, so we divide our time into chunks. For example, you might spend your morning preparing your meals and doing other housework, and then you spend your afternoon cooking and spending time with your meal consumption, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Plan your meals on Thursday through Saturday, and only cook what you need before Sunday night’s meal preparation. By having two weeks combined in two days, you will have more room in the fridge and freezer to store enough food for two weeks.

This simplified approach can help people who are often pressed for time or who are limited by their daily intake.

Plan all breakfast and lunch items for one day

how to simplify meal planning

This may seem difficult at first, but once you do it, you’ll have the most balanced and convenient breakfast and lunch boxes or list of dishes to do every day.

The best way to simplify meal planning is to plan all of your ingredients and foods for one day. This allows you to know what you will need in order to make all of your meals, which is helpful.

Also, be aware of your daily goals and focus those on them, such as how many calories you want in your lunch or how much food you want in your breakfast. By keeping the amount of food in mind and planning for it, this helps keep stress under control.

Finally, make sure to include any leftovers in your next meal! This helps keep the kitchen clear and supports good health both during and after the week.

Plan all dinner items for one day

how to simplify meal planning

This may seem difficult at first, but once you do it, it can be done overnight. You only need to do this for dinner items the first time you make meal planning easy.

The next time you want to cook, just wait until the evening when you can already store all your ingredients in your kitchen cabinets and storages. This makes cooking a quick and easy habit to get into.

Once you start, you will never stop. Once you learn how easy it is, you will be making this every night!

How to Simplify Meal Planning: Create a quick list of ingredients and recipes they go with. For example, in your kitchen there should be dried fruits such as dried apricots and fresh fruit like grapes or melons.

Then, in the morning, look through your storage drawers and find what they match with. Put them all together in the same storage bin or box so that they are always ready to go.

Revise your plan as needed

how to simplify meal planning

If your first plan doesn’t seem to go along the path you planned, it is time to revise your plan. There are several ways to change your plan.

You can add foods you don’t usually eat or don’t always make. For instance, I don’t always make green veggies so I decided to include them in my meal plan.

You can remove foods you do not like or that do not match up with your goals. For example, if you don’t eat fish, then removing a food such as chicken could be removed from your meal plan.

You can increase the amount of time spent eating each day. For example, spending more time while hungry means the body will likely eat more than if you spent time while starving or forbearing from food.

Keep various ingredients on hand for last-minute planning

how to simplify meal planning

Paragraphs are not the norm in meal planning, but this needs to be addressed. There are many ways to keep ingredients on hand for planning.

You can for example have all the ingredients you need for one dish or three in your home, but it is more complicated and convenient to have all of them on hand.

This is useful if you are hungry at different times of the day, or if you have people coming over. You can make sure they have food ready quickly!

Some simple ways to keep some ingredients on hand include:

Fresh herbs and vegetables stored in your kitchen storage containers (for last minute baking or cooking).

Peanut butter and bread sheaves stored in your kitchen storage containers.

Of course, these examples do not cover all the foods you may store in your kitchen, just the ones that relate to meal planning.

Create recipes based on favorite ingredients or combinations

how to simplify meal planning

When you have a lot of meals planned, it can be hard to decide which one you want to make and when. Luckily, this can be simplified.

Instead of making all of your meals at home, each one can be a combination of ingredients from different recipes. This way, you still get the choice to make what you want and when you want it, but you save time by not having to plan everything out ahead of time.

You can also use these combinations as a list of foods to buy when you need them. For example, you can have green salad with grilled chicken and sweet potatoes as your first meal of the day!

Planning out meals in advance really does help reduce stress and makes it easier to follow your diet.

Consider eating lower-maintenance food items

how to simplify meal planning

If you are already eating very healthy and working out regularly, you may be thinking to yourself, “Why even bother with meal planning and buying food?”

Well, think about it. There are so many times when you don’t have access to fresh, high-quality food and cooking is a good way to get it.

You can make a quick and easy meal on the weekend that is full of health benefits (and will cost you next to nothing compared to buying a box of cereal or pasta dish).

For example, if you were going to buy breakfast cereal on Monday morning, how much would that cost? How much would you want for breakfast Tuesday morning? And how much would you eat in one sitting of the cereal? Probably not very much!

So Monday morning, decide on one easy meal that you will eat twice per day (morning and night), and plan on spending the rest of the week doing away with these items.

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